Steady As She Goes

Mawnan v St Buryan, Trelawny League Premier Division


For Leon Prynn, Mawnan FC committee member and vice president, the idea that a club has an established identity and a sense of what it stands for is important. And at Mawnan that understanding of the character of the club is deep-rooted. Leon himself played for the club in the 1970s and went on to be Continue reading “Steady As She Goes”

Workers’ Playtime

Holman SC v St Ives Town, Cornwall Combination League

There can be few towns and companies more inextricably linked historically than Holman Brothers Ltd and Camborne. At its peak the mining equipment manufacturer employed over 3000 people in the town, and a Holmans apprenticeship was a standard route into a skilled trade for generations. With its choir, sports and social clubs the company fostered a camaraderie among its workers, and for many Holmans was Camborne. Continue reading “Workers’ Playtime”